Product Description

PressureSeal is a two-component high pressure and plumbing sealant. It is designed not only to repair and seal leaking pipes but also to withstand highly pressurized water tanks and containers.

Product Benefits

  • Extends service life of tanks and pipes
  • Saves you from high costs of water bills caused by water leakage.
  • Hand moldable. Can fit to any shapes and fitting of yours plumbing repairs.
  • Safe to use on pipes carrying potable water.


  • Instantly and permanently seal and repair leaks of GI and PVC  pipes, lavatories, sinks, P-traps, overhead and pressurized water tanks, plastic and metal containers, and drainages.
  • Turn-off water line prior to repair. Clean the surface of application. Get equal amount of Part A and B with damp or wet hands and knead with your fingers until uniform color is achieved. Mold the putty into the leaking area to seal the leak. You can restore water line one hour after the application.

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