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Cord Chemicals, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, and industrial paints in the country. We need highly talented individual to fill its vacant positions. Successful applicants shall receive a competitive salary and benefits package such as sick leave, vacation leave credits, hospitalization benefits, accident insurance and bonuses of more than 13th month pay. The company invest heavily in employee development programs and career advancement of its employees. It takes pride in its highly dynamic culture, which promotes workforce diversity, innovation and participation of employees in decision making process.​

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 Sales Representative (Davao, Cebu, Panay, Metro Manila, South Luzon, North Luzon) 

  • Incharge and responsible of meeting Sales and collection quota in the area assigned
  • Maintain good business relationship with current customers
  • Find new customers to serve
  • Participate in events the company may have in the area
  • Monitor Merchandising assigned to the Area   

Industrial Sales Representative (Luzon, Metro Manila, Visayas, Mindanao)

  • Maintaining current business relationship with existing accounts
  • Look for new clients / new leads
  • Handle Product presentation
  • Monitor Project progress
  • Prepare required reports

Trade Marketing Specialist

  • Responsible to build and maintain relationship with new customers
  • Can make field audit reports based on the area  visited relevant to the business

          Sales Secretary

  • Handle Inquiries of Customers over the phone or walk-in
  • Will be trained regarding company products and must have good understanding
  • Coordinate Deliveries and Inquiries of Salesman to the corresponding Department
  • Check Sales Orders and encode.

        Credit Verifier

  • Monitor Incoming Sales Orders
  • Verify accuracy of incoming Sales orders
  • Fix issues of Sales Orders that have mistakes through the proper channels
  • Process sales orders that are correct
  • To be trained to learn - Company Products and Policies
  • Not shy to talk to customers over the phone on a daily basis
  • Patient and respectful with customers


        Compensation Benefits HR Staff II

  • Handle government compensation and benefits (online and if needed to do personal filing)
  • Time keeping Billing of Agencies, Time keeping of Employess (download from Biometrics)
  • Collect time cards
  • Assist employees for SSS, Phil Health, Pag-ibig issues


         Accounting Staff - Reconciliation Specialist

  • Reconciling Expenses Documents
  • Data Analysis of Documents
  • Resourceful to investigate documents and data are TRUTHFUL, REAL, ACCURATE AND NOT FALSE

         Financial Analyst

  • Tasked to check all expenses of the company  from liquidation documents
  • Resourceful to check on the accuracy of the expense
  • Computer literate
  • Above average accounting skills


  • Know auditing theories in practice and make reports
  • Must be honest and accurate in their work


  • Know all facets of accountings
  • Reconcile and audit documents
  • Account payable -- Manage Expenses of constrcution project
  • Can do physical inventory

Field Collector

  • Can Travel Nationwide
  • Reponsible to going to customers in field to counter or collect
  • Checks the check payment details are collect from client
  • Immediate turn over of payment to cashier
  • Can follow travel itinerary


          Truck Driver

  • Must have License of 1-2-3
  • Must be Physically fit to drive around the Philippines to deliver our products
  • Experience driving a truck and doing delivery


         Material Planner II

  • Responsible to ensure materials are available for production
  • Practice FIFO on all goods
  • Monitor stocks and know when its time to replenish
  • Finished Goods or Products are available for delivery to customers

         Production Line Leader

  • Physically Fit to work at a Production Plant
  • In charge of watching, monitoring and assisting that the designated line area produces required output as need by the supervisors

         Warehouse Office Staff

  • Physically Fit to work at a Production Plant
  • Monitor Packaging Materials and Raw Materials
  • Handle inventory Count
  • Process documents (fill up forms) of items brought in and out of the warehouse
  • Accept deliveries when needed

         Company Nurse / HR assistant for Silang Cavite

  • Must be able to work in Planta setting
  • When your nursing services will not be in used, you shall handle HR matters
    • ​Monitoring of attendance
    • Circulating Memos
    • Relevant Office work


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