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Cord Chemicals, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, and industrial paints in the country. We need highly talented individual to fill its vacant positions. Successful applicants shall receive a competitive salary and benefits package such as sick leave, vacation leave credits, hospitalization benefits, accident insurance and bonuses of more than 13th month pay. The company invest heavily in employee development programs and career advancement of its employees. It takes pride in its highly dynamic culture, which promotes workforce diversity, innovation and participation of employees in decision making process.​

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Sales Representative (Davao, Cebu, Panay, Metro Manila, South Luzon, North Luzon, CAMANAVA, Western Visayas, Leyte, Bicol Region, Negros Area and Zamboanga) 

  • In charge and responsible of meeting Sales and collection quota in the area assigned
  • Maintain good business relationship with current customers
  • Find new customers to serve
  • Participate in events the company may have in the area
  • Monitor Merchandising assigned to the Area   

          Territory Sales Supervisor

  • In charge of visiting customers and looking new customers
  • Generating Sales and Collection for the Company
  • Must learn Products of the company
  • Follow the rules, regulations and policies of the company
  • Willing to work in NCR North & South Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao.

Field Merchandiser (NCR, Mindanao, Visayas - Cebu Based)

  • Work us Monday to Sunday with a Rest Day
  • Will be in visit customers and give information of the Products 
  • Must be accommodating to the customers
  • Must be confident to talk to customers
  • Willing to be trained
  • Can show up to work on time

         HR Supervisor for Sales Department

  • Administers human resources programs and policies relevant to sales personnel...
    • ​Including staffing: such as end to end recruitment
    • Employee relations
    • Training
    • Policy Implementations
  • Ensure human resources strategies align with organizational business goals.

          Marketing Assistant with Sales Experience

  • Provide General Assistant to buyers
  • Assist in Marketing Activities and Research

          Marketing Officer

  • Handle merchandising staff
  • See they meet their deadline
  • People management of merchandising staff
  • Know company products

          Retails and Distributor Coordinator

  • Willing to take responsibility to:
    • ​Monitor Merchandising Team
    • See that team does proper Sales/Product Distribution
    • Be sure the Team can to create demand and product awareness
    • Spot Inventory
    • Orient Frontliners
    • Coordinate with HR
    • Monitor Teams Schedule

           Distributor Specialist

  • Maintain and develop distributors in territory
  • Develop Sales Representative of Distributors through work with training and regular evaluation
  • Analyze sell in and sell out of distributors
  • Implement key strategies including sales and marketing programs to achieve growth targets

            Account Developer

  • Analyze and Understand the customer needs and trends to help the customer grow their profitability
  • Maintain appropriate inventory levels promotional material, add signage and displays
  • Ensure each account has the proper product needs and timely replenishment of orders
  • Communicate and collaborate with the account activities for their customers
  • Mapping trade prospect


          Admin Staff for Cebu City - Immediate Hiring

  • Work is at our Mandaue Based Warehouse
  • Coordinate with head office based in Manila regarding deliveries
  • Handle Billings such as Electricity, Water
  • Can Follow instructions given over the phone
  • Willing to travel to Manila for Training if needed

          Executive Assistant

  • Shall be working for the Vice-President Office
  • Physically fit to do errands such as pay bills and pick up letters
  • Know how to renew Business Permit at the Municipio
  • Can call suppliers to inquire or report issues
  • Can do Administrative work
  • Write memorandums and reports after meetings

          HR Assistant

  • Schedule applicants for interview
  • Handle initial interview and initial exam
  • Handle follow up of candidate for on boarding - such as follow up documents of NBI, Police Clearance.
  • Can do background check on qualified applicants
  • Basic Administrative work

          HR Recruitment Specialist

  • Handle end to end Recruitments...
    • ​Identify positions the need to be filled 
    • know the requirements of the position
    • Handle Sourcing the 2019 Way
    • Schedule Interview
    • Administer Exam
    • Handle Interview
    • Background Checking
    • Offering to Candidate
    • See Candidate Complies
    • Handle Orientation and Complete on Boarding

          HR Legal Supervisor

  • As a legal and HR Supervisor you shall be responsible for...
    • ​Legal Aspects
      • ​Contract Management
      • DOLE issues
      • Coordination with Lawyers
      • Going to court hearings
    • Human Resources
      • ​Counselling of employees
      • Writing of memorandums
      • Being aware of new laws given by the DOLE and all other government agencies
      • Seeing all employees accomplish their duties
      • Organizational Management
    • Requirements
      • ​Preferably a Law Graduate
      • Relevant Experience of No less than 5 years
      • Can work Monday to Saturday
      • Willing to Travel around the Philippines
    • Skills
      • ​Hardworking 
      • Trustworthy
      • Goal Oriented
      • Can work with Minimal Supervision
      • Familiar with DOLE rule
      • Excellent Oral and Written Skills
      • People Person

         HR Admin Supervisor

  • Can Multi-task between Human Resources and Admin work for the company
  • Experience with Human Resources Related work
  • Comprehends all facets of Human Resources
  • Implement Company Rules, Regulations and Policies
  • Familiar with DOLE rules

           Cleaner - Janitress

  • Responsible for keeping office clean and tidy

           Admin Messenger

  • Responsible for
    • ​Keeping Office Clean
    • Checking Cleaning supplies are complete
    • Purchasing Office Supplies
    • Do errands around Metro Manila such as bringing mail, buying items needed by the office
    • Switching on aircon daily
    • Willing to do other work as needed for the Admin Department

           Utility Man (Handyman)

  • Relevant experience in handling utility problems of a building such as change of lightbuld and starter, cleaning of electric fan
  • Know basic plumbing (tubero) and electrical skills (can change sockets)
  • Must be physically fit to do errands or field work to source out replacement parts
  • Basic Computer skills can be a plus for monitoring work progress
  • Can come to work on Holidays if needed for repairs
  • Monitor inventory of consumables such as light bulbs, starters, faucets
  • Do basic cleaning when needed

          Building Maintenance Technician

  • Preferably with previous work experience
  • Must be a multi-skilled technician for basic troubleshooting
    • ​Electrical
    • Carpentry
    • Plumbing
    • Masonry


        Accounting Supervisor

  • Handle and Monitor the liquidation and company expenses
  • Prepare report on expenses
  • Analytical work on the data numbers
  • Assist the Accounting Head
  • Knowledge in Basic Bookkeeping 

         Accounting Staff - Reconciliation Specialist

  • Reconciling Expenses Documents
  • Data Analysis of Documents
  • Resourceful to investigate documents and data are TRUTHFUL, REAL, ACCURATE AND NOT FALSE

          Accounts Payable Officer

  • Responsible for (but no limited to)
    • ​Check Preparation
    • On Time scheduling of Payments
    • Filling up the  forms accurately
    • Cashiering work
    • Collecting Proper Documentation
    • Assisting the treasury Manager


           Office Staff

  • Must know how to use MS Word and MS Excel
  • Can type and encode fast
  • Answer Phone and can handle scheduling
  • Hardworking, willing to learn and has initiative

          Delivery Driver Based in Cebu for Visayas Area

  • Must have License of 1-2-3
  • Must be Physically fit to drive around the Philippines to deliver our products
  • Experience driving a truck and doing delivery



  • Responsible in quality control of product production from start to end
  • Follow company implemented procedures
  • Requires lab works and or work on the production floor

          Quality Technician

  • Shall be responsible for conducting testing procedures during manufacturing processes to ensure that products comply with quality standards
  • Comply with quality standards of the company
  • Make proper reports

         Material Planner II

  • Responsible to ensure materials are available for production
  • Practice FIFO on all goods
  • Monitor stocks and know when its time to replenish
  • Finished Goods or Products are available for delivery to customers

         Production Staff

  • Must be physically fit to work in a manufacturing plant​
  • Work is for production around the plant area
    • Production floor
    • Packaging
    • Warehouse
    • Filling


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