Turbo Rust Converter

Product Description

Turbo Rust Converter is a fast acting rust converter that neutralizes and removes rust in 15 minutes.

Product Benefits

  • Removes rust quickly
  • Prevents future rusting by sealing out moisture.
  • Excellent primer. Treated surfaces can be painted.
  • Safe to use on most type of metals.


  • Eliminates rust on iron or steel including vehicles, trailers, railings, bridges, equipment, overhead cranes, pipelines, storage tanks, transmission towers, fences, chairs, tables and grills.
  • Remove oil, loose rust, and other contaminants, in the surface and apply Turbo Rust Converter by using brush or roller. Allow the  solution to work for 15 minutes; was off excesssolution with water.
  • Allow surface to dry before applying paint.

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