Bulldog Steel

Product Description

The strongest superglue suited for instant bonding on any type of hard and solid materials and surfaces.

Product Benefits

  • Provides secure bonding in hard and solid materials like glass, ceramics, metal, precious stones, and plastic surfaces.
  • Improves durability of the bonded objects.
  • Ideal for quick and on-the-go repairs.


  • It can be used very well on both similar and dissimilar surfaces. You can use it on ceramics, metals, glass, and plastics that are difficult to bond.
  • Can be used between smooth surfaces or clean breaks because it forms very strong bonds in compact joints.
  • Ideal for hard-to-bond cracks in non-porous surfaces like plastics, glass, acrylics, and alike.

Technical Specifications

SKU Size  3g

Handling Time


Setting Time

 5 seconds



Mixing Ratio


Shelf Life

 2 years


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