CORD Armor Epoxy Enamel

Product Description

An epoxy-based topcoat with superior hiding power and long-term durability intended for marine, commercial, and even household coating applications.

Product Benefits

  • An epoxy-based topcoat that provides four times hiding power and long-lasting finish ideal to be used on a variety of surfaces, including steel, concrete, drywall, wood, and flooring.


  • Used as protective and finishing coat for areas such as bottom, topside, deck and superstructure in boats and ship building industry.
  • Provides excellent abrasion and chemical resistance topcoat in various facilities and structures in manufacturing plants, warehouses, commercial kitchens, bathroom and locker rooms, floors, car washes and laboratories.

Technical Specifications

SKU Sizes  4-Liter Kit, 1-Liter Kit, 250ml

Handling Time

 2 hours

Setting Time

 7-8 hours


 Swatches Available

Mixing Ratio


Shelf Life

 2 years


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