CORD Armor Epoxy Flooring

Product Description

CORD ARMOR Epoxy Flooring is an epoxy-based floor paint for concrete floors. It is easily applied on concrete floors as a form of protection and decoration. CORD ARMOR Epoxy Flooring provides seamless and easy-to-clean floor surface with a wide range of customizable color options.



CORD ARMOR Epoxy Flooring is one of the most durable type of coatings available for concrete floor surfaces.

  1. Epoxy flooring can add to the professional look of any space such as lobbies and store display floors.
  2. A floor coated with CORD ARMOR Epoxy Flooring can withstand heavy traffic and does not require regular maintenance ideal for use in factory floors, warehouses, garage floors, hallways, and covered porches.
  3. It has resistance to bacteria and germs suitable for hospitals, cafeterias, and restrooms.
  4. Easy to apply thus it can be used in your own home space like garage, living room, bathroom, roof deck, and kitchen areas.


Size and Colors

Available in 4-Liter and 1-Liter Kit in Standard Color of Gray


Application Procedure

  1. Make sure to prepare the surface properly.
  2. Fill all cracks and holes with CORD All-Purpose Epoxy.
  3. Apply CORD Armor Epoxy Primer on the prepared surface.
  4. Apply the first coat. Estimate how much CORD ARMOR Epoxy Flooring will be used. Mixed three parts of the CORD ARMOR Epoxy Flooring AR Component to 1 part of CORD ARMOR Epoxy Flooring CP Component. Mix thoroughly for 2 minutes. Leave the mixed component for 8 minutes to allow chemical reaction of the two components. Then apply the first coat using good quality rollers.
  5. Before applying the second or the final coat, make sure all holes and cracks have been filled, and that all dust has been collected. Apply the second coat after 3 hours by following the same procedure as the first coat.
  6. One gallon of CORD Armor Epoxy Flooring covers approximately 12 square meters of surface area on a single coat with a thickness of 75 to 100 microns.
  7. The application is opened to foot traffic after 24 hours while for vehicular traffic is at 72 hours from the time of application and proper setting.

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