CORD Armor Road Paint

Product Description

CORD ARMOR Road Paint is a single component road marking paint produced specifically to withstand harsh environmental conditions on highways, roads, pavements, and parking lots. It forms a durable finish that provides increased resistance to road wear and tear particularly in tropical climate conditions and high reflective properties for better road safety.



CORD ARMOR Road Paint is generally used as road marking paint in various types of road surfaces, pavements, and garage and parking areas. It also ideal for applications where there is a need to just touch up the previous road markings that got faded.


Size and Colors

Available in 4-Liter Can of Reflectorized Colors in Yellow, White, Black, and Red


Application Procedure

  1. Pre-marking of different lines by using string or chalk method.
  2. Mix thoroughly or at least stir the paint for least five minutes prior to application.
  3. Apply the well-mixed CORD ARMOR Road Paint. Apply 2 coatings when using brush, roller, and/or applicator machine (hand-pushed or fully automated).
  4. One gallon of CORD Armor Road Paint covers approximately 20 square meters of surface area for a single coat at 75 microns of thickness.
  5. The application is opened to traffic after four hours from time of application and proper setting.

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