CORD Quick Drying Enamel

Product Description

A fast-drying alkyd-based enamel suited for quick and easy interior and exterior paint jobs in various industrial, commercial and household applications.

Product Benefits

A premium-quality fast-drying enamel that provides extra hiding power and long-lasting finish for quick and easy interior and exterior applications in industrial, commercial, and households.


  • Can be used extensively for painting of wooden and concrete walls.
  • Also suitable for painting of doors, windows, staircases, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • Can be applied on metal surfaces, woodworks, as well as aluminum surfaces.
  • Can also be used in furnitures, appliances, and equipment that are kept outdoors.

Technical Specifications

SKU Sizes  4-Liters, 1-Liter, 250ml

Handling Time


Setting Time

 2 hours


 Orange/International Red

 Ultramarine Blue/Dark Green

 White/Caterpillar Yellow

 Silver Aluminum 

Mixing Ratio


Shelf Life

 2 years


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