Epoxy Clear

Product Description

A fast-setting epoxy adhesive that provides clean finish and hardens like steel.

Product Benefits

  • The only clear epoxy that delivers exceptional strength and durability without a trace of repair.
  • Provides invisible fixes in repaired objects.


  • Re-attaching, mending, repairing and bonding of metal, glass, ceramic, wood, rigid plastics, china, tile, fiberglass, concrete, and stone.
  • This product bonds on almost anything including those that are subjected to high temperature.
  • Can be combined with fiberglass cloth for a durable patch.
  • Ideal for epoxy casting for molds used in jewelries and fashion accessories.
  • Sealing artwork and photographs for longevity.

Technical Specifications

SKU Sizes  40g

Handling Time


Setting Time

 3-5 minutes



Mixing Ratio


Shelf Life

 2 years


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