Product Description

An epoxy-based waterproofing sealant that works on wet and dry surfaces.

Product Benefits

  • A fast drying sealant that provides crack-proof and water tight seal on leaks over a long period of time.
  • The only sealant that can be hand molded and applied underneath roof holes at any time.


  • Excellent for sealing holes and cracks on all types of roofs: GI sheets, plastic, concrete, including gutter joints and downspouts.
  • Ideal for sealing, joining, fixing and building plumbing fixtures in your household.

Technical Specifications

SKU Sizes  30g, 60g, 200ml

Handling Time

 45 minutes

Setting Time

 3 hours on dry,

 4 hours on wet


 Light gray

Mixing Ratio


Shelf Life

 2 years


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